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Our Vision and Mission

Who Are We

Keys to new houseOur vision: Helping Ontario REALTORS® succeed in building stronger communities

Our mission: To support Ontario REALTORS® in helping people find a great place to call home, work and thrive.

There are 92,000 REALTOR® members who take up this mission for Ontarians every day.

Ontario REALTORS® use their skills, experience, knowledge, drive and determination, along with the latest technology, to help more men, women and families achieve the Canadian dream of home ownership.

As one of Canada’s largest professional associations, we are Ontario’s strongest advocate for home and property ownership, property rights, and prosperous communities.

Our Members

Home buyers and sellers rely on the knowledge and expertise Ontario REALTORS® bring to the table in every real estate transaction.

Ontario REALTORS® stay up-to-date on developments in real estate and can help home buyers make an informed decision by providing comparative market data, housing market conditions and neighbourhood trends.

Our members are in the business of building strong communities – not just selling homes.

Ontario REALTORS® are involved in their communities and are committed to quality schools and parks, safe neighbourhoods, a strong economy and opportunities for the people who live there.

The Canadian Dream

OREA fights to protect the value of your greatest asset – your home

All Ontarians should have the opportunity to achieve the Canadian Dream to own a home. OREA is committed to working with government to make home ownership more affordable for Ontarians.

Ontario REALTORS® support:

  • Lower taxes and less regulation on the buying and selling of homes and real property.
  • A strong economy that protects real estate investment and preserves property rights.
  • A vibrant home building industry that ensures a good supply of new homes are available on the market.
  • A thriving commercial real estate market where entrepreneurs and businesses can find suitable and affordable places to grow, innovate and hire more people

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