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OREA’s virtual offices, including the College contact centre, will close at 12:00 p.m. on Friday, December 4th. Regular operations will resume on Monday, December 7th.

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Broker Program Admissions

Take the next step in your career

Whether you’re pursuing a future as broker/owner, a broker of record, or looking to enhance your professional knowledge, this program is designed for you.
Find out how to get prepared for the next stage of real estate.

NOTE: The college will continue to accept applicants for this program until Friday, December 11, 2020


What is the Learning Path to becoming a broker?

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A salesperson, or a student in the Salesperson Registration Education Program, can become a real estate broker by successfully completing the Broker Registration Education Program.

Many salespeople pursue broker qualification without becoming broker/owners. Instead, these individuals are legally recognized as brokers but are not necessarily brokers of record.

You can become eligible to apply for broker registration by:

  • Completing one additional elective course from the Articling Segment of the Salesperson Registration Education Program
  • Completing the Real Estate Broker course
  • Applying to RECO for broker registration

Am I Eligible?

To enter the Broker Registration Education Program you’ll need to have completed the six courses that comprise the Salesperson Registration Education Program.

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Starting and completing the Program

When you are ready, it doesn’t take long to begin the journey.
You’ll complete some housekeeping and then get down to the serious business of studying for the next stage in your career.

Ensure that your OREA account includes your current personal and contact information, like name, date of birth, salutation, email address, etc.

Your enrolment contract provides you with the details of the Broker Registration Education Program. It outlines all the requirements, rights and responsibilities in the program.

Your first course is usually an articling elective. You can enrol from your My Portfolio account as soon as you accept the enrolment contract.

After successfully completing your first course in the program, you enrol in the Real Estate Broker course and take your exam when you’re ready. Just make sure to finish before the college closing deadline.

Are you eligible?

If so, it’s easy to

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