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Skills You Need

Skills can be taught and learned. But, you will need some basic skills, or abilities, to build a successful real estate career. You will need to be able to…


  • Do basic math (multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and percentages)
  • You will need math to measure structures and land, to appraise properties, and to arrange mortgage financing


  • Locate, read, and understand legal documents involving property ownership

Planning and Organization

  • Plan and organize business activities (e.g., getting listings, showing properties, handling offers, and conducting negotiations) logically and efficiently

Confidence and Persistence

  • Remain confident and adhere to your goals during challenging situations and setbacks

Problem Solving

  • Address difficulties (e.g., dealing with conflicting interests of buyers and sellers) and arrive at plausible, practical solutions

Computer Knowledge

  • Use a computer and other electronic devices, which are mainstays in today’s real estate brokerages

English Language Comprehension and Proficiency

  • Understand English so you can correctly explain and/or draft agreements, listings, and other related forms

Negotiating Skills

  • Negotiate on behalf of buyers and sellers (who usually have competing interests), and arrive at mutually agreeable terms

Interview Techniques

  • Ask clients the right questions at the right time to determine their buying/selling needs

People Skills

  • Connect and establish a rapport with a variety of people for the purpose of attracting clients
  • Gain clients’ trust and respect
  • Take a genuine interest in clients’ well-being, including understanding their needs and wants

Self Discipline

  • Work independently because a career in real estate requires motivation, discipline, and personal commitment
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