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Learning Tools

Stay current, connected, and informed through My Portfolio

My Portfolio is your one-stop communication and resource centre. You will receive a personalized, password-protected My Portfolio account when you are admitted to the college. We will use My Portfolio to communicate with you about all academic and administrative matters.

Use My Portfolio to:

  • Enrol for courses online
  • Receive confirmation of course enrolment
  • Select exam dates and location
  • Access online course resources (e.g., education forums, e-books, textbook PDFs)
  • Access online course
  • Initiate transfers between courses and/or methods of delivery
  • View history of courses completed
  • Retrieve marks and transcripts upon course completion
  • Download tax receipts and other official documents
  • Order a variety of college learning aids/products
  • Update contact information

How to access your My Portfolio account

  • Use the login banner, located at the top right of the OREA website (Login)
  • Enter your student ID number (the 8-digit number you received when you were admitted to the college)
  • Enter your password; if you are a first-time user, you will be prompted to create a password

Gain a better understanding of course content

Two services are available to you if you have any questions about course content:

Instructor telephone support line: Call toll-free at 1-866-444-5557 and speak to an instructor. Available Monday–Friday, 9:30 am–4 pm

Online discussion forums: Accessed through My Portfolio

Use the search function to locate previously asked and answered questions, or post new questions

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