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OREA Forms Pro Mobile app

OREA Forms Pro is a powerful FREE mobile educational application/tool designed to provide OREA STUDENTS with a sense of what they will face once registered. Standard forms management, video content and distribution management are just some of the features students can utilize to help in making them ‘practice-ready’.

The real-time closed captioning system allows access to detailed multi-language explanations of important and relevant information, ensuring a full understanding of each form's function and requirements.

The detailed forms management system allows the student in the document to complete forms, store, modify, print, digitally sign and distribute them as required. The archiving system allows the student to have detailed organized forms management by date, location, project etc.

Other features include

  • Simple to use interface and navigation menus
  • Auto-Formatting for multiple devices - phones, tablets, etc.,
  • Custom, professionally-produced multimedia Forms Explained (audio/video) content
  • In-form multimedia content explanation (forms overlay and summary)
  • Real-time Closed Captioning with Instant Multi-Language Conversion (English, French, Italian, Mandarin, etc.).
  • Fillable Forms with spell check
  • Forms editing features including image insert, floating pen for outlines, font management with multi colours.
  • Document management and on-device storage
  • Digitally sign forms and distribution
  • Real-time Print Options on local devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc.
  • Send, receive, re-save etc. forms via text, email, AirDrop Etc.
  • SCAN FORM option for quick form content search
  • Text-based form search and filtering

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