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Online-Proctored Virtual Exams

What are online virtual proctored exams?

OREA Real Estate College has partnered with Proctortrack to offer a third option for students to assess their understanding of their course material – online examinations conducted at a student’s home. These exams are overseen by a remote proctor who ensures the integrity of the exam experience.
If you choose to explore this option, we’d like you to consider the following…

What is Proctortrack?

Proctortrack is an online remote proctoring service that combines AI-based and human exam invigilators to continuously oversee the examination that is delivered from the OREA test centre.

Who can take online –proctored exams?

While the exam you take is no different from what you find in the paper-based or iPad based exams, there are some unique factors:

  • You will need a brightly lit space to use for the duration of the examination session (at least 3 hours plus the pre-exam setup time) – this will be your ‘exam room’
  • You must have your own equipment to use for the exam
  • A reliable high-speed internet connection is absolutely necessary
  • Your exam must be completely uninterrupted for its entire duration
  • You have no special needs accommodations in place [Read More]
  • There is a learning curve. The process of taking an exam online will require you to go through many steps before Your exam must be completely uninterrupted for its entire duration

If this sounds like something for you, then read on!

For everyone else, our traditional iPad-based and paper-based exams will continue to be available for students. Whenever you book an exam for your course, you will have the option to pick the testing option which suits you best at that time.

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