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OREA Online Virtual Exams - What to expect

Exam Reschedule Fee Notice:
Starting August 1, 2020, OREA Real Estate College will reinstate the standard exam reschedule fee for Online-proctored examinations.

Important things to know about online-proctored exams

  • You MUST use Chrome browser to take your exam
  • A laptop or desktop computer with a webcam and mic is required. Chromebooks and tablet devices cannot be used
  • You will need an Android or iOS smartphone to do a room scan before your exam starts
    • We recommend that you download the Proctortrack mobile app to your phone prior to your exam.
  • Recordings (video and audio) will be taken of the entire examination
  • Interruptions are not permitted and will be flagged for review by the college
  • You will be permitted one 5-minute break during the exam, to be taken at a time of your choosing
  • All OREA exam guidelines apply

Your Computer:








PC: Windows 7, 8, or higher
MAC: OSX 10.13 High Sierra or higher


PC: Dual-core 2.4 Ghz CPU, 2 GB RAM or better
MAC: Intel / AMD Processor, 2 GB RAM


Google Chrome v25.0 or higher



Javascript Enabled &
Third Party Cookies Enabled


800 x 600 resolution or better




High Speed Cable Modem, DSL or better
(Minimum 300 kbps download, 250 kbps upload)

Your Smartphone:


Android requirements

iPhone requirements

Android OS version 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later

iOS 10 or later

Minimum Free Storage: 512 MB

Minimum Free Storage: 512 MB

Front & rear facing cameras and continuous internet connectivity

Front & rear facing cameras and continuous internet connectivity

Proctortrack mobile app
(by Verificient Technologies)

Download the app from Google Play Store.

Proctortrack mobile app
(by Verificient Technologies)

Download the app from Apple App Store.

Online-proctored virtual exams are available both day and night, seven days a week, at regularly scheduled times.

Please note, however, that you are required to book your first online-proctored exam yourself, through My Portfolio. Because there are Terms and Conditions of use which you must read and accept, an OREA CSR cannot book your first exam for you. After accepting the terms and conditions for your first exam. An OREA representative can assist you with the subsequent bookings.

Scheduling your exam

Exams are booked in your My Portfolio account ONLY

  • Log into My Portfolio

    You can choose an online-proctored virtual exam when you:

    • Enrol in a new course
    • Transfer your existing course
    • Reschedule an existing exam
    • Or book an exam re-write

    The steps for scheduling an exam will be the same for any of the transactions above.

  • Start your course or examination transaction
  • Under Select an Exam Location, select ‘ONLINE PROCTORED VIRTUAL EXAM’
  • A pop-up notice will appear. If you want to proceed, click on I understand
  • You will now see all available exam dates for online virtual exams. Select the one that best suits you.
  • Select your preferred Exam Time from the available options (All times are in Eastern Time)
  • You will now see the Terms and Conditions that govern OREA’s online-proctored virtual examinations.

    Read through them and accept to proceed.

  • Next, confirm your email address.

    This will allow OREA and Proctortrack to send you emails related to the booking of your exam and the status of your examination onboarding

  • Complete the payment for your transaction.
  • When you finalize your exam or course enrolment, we will send you an email confirmation for your online exam. This email will tell you what to do next.

That’s it.

The next thing to do is to make sure you complete the Proctortrack Onboarding process.

Only by completing Onboarding at least one day before your exam, will you be permitted to take your exam.

Now you have successfully booked your online exam in My Portfolio. Before you take the live exam, however, you must go through exam onboarding with Proctortrack.

What is Onboarding for my online-proctored exam?

Onboarding is the process of preparing for your online virtual exam with Proctortrack.

You can do onboarding as soon as you finalize the booking of your online-proctored exam.

It must be completed at least two days before your scheduled exam date. If your onboarding is not completed and approved by Proctortrack you will not be able to take your exam.

Onboarding consists of three main parts:

  • Creating your student identity profile
    • You will provide a copy of your government-issued photo ID
    • You will do a face scan, so that your exam proctor has a representation of how you look
  • Preparing your system for taking the exam
    • You will download and install the software required for online proctoring
    • You will do a system check to make sure your computer’s hardware is working correctly
  • Completing a practice exam session
    • You will do a room and a workspace scan using your mobile phone
    • You will take a 5-question mock exam and submit it – this ensures that everything works well together

What you will need for onboarding:

Look at onboarding as a dry run for your online exam. You will need to have:

  • Your valid government-issued photo ID
  • The computer you will be using to take your actual exam (see the Technical Requirements)
  • A bright room
  • 15 - 30 minutes of your time

Once you are ready, here’s what you can expect your onboarding experience to be like:

IMPORTANT: Only Google Chrome will work when doing onboarding and for your exam

  • Log into your My Portfolio account and head to My Current Courses. In the ‘Exam Details’ section for your course, you will see your Onboarding status: Pending.
    Click the Go to Onboarding button.

    This will take you to Proctortrack’s website.

    On Proctortrack’s site you will see your dashboard page. Your dashboard shows your Onboarding Course as well as any exam you have booked.

    • To begin Onboarding , click on the Go to Test button in your Test List
  • You now have to install the Proctortrack Chrome extension
    • Click the "Download plugin" button to go to the page for the Proctortrack Live Plugin
    • Then click on "Add to Chrome"
    • And finally confirm that you want to "Add extension" to the Chrome browser
  • You have now successfully added the Proctortrack Live Plugin extension to your Chrome browser!

  • You will now be taken to a new page where the exam guidelines will now be outlined for you.
    Please ensure you read and accept these, along with the Proctortrack agreement policy, before you go to the next step.
  • Now it is time to create your student identity profile with Proctortrack

  • When prompted, use your webcam to, first, take a clear photo of yourself:

    (You may be required to retake your photo if necessary requirements on the page aren’t met. )

  • Secondly, use your webcam to take a clear photo of your valid, government-issued photo ID.

    Confirm and upload the image of your photo ID.
  • You have now successfully uploaded the two images needed for your Student Identity Profile!

  • After uploading your photos, you will be prompted to download and install the Proctortrack exam monitoring application for your computer.
    Follow the onscreen steps for your PC or your Mac.
  • Once the installation is complete, the Proctortrack desktop app launches and connects to the exam monitoring server.

  • Next, the Proctortrack desktop app will perform a system check. This system check will:
    • confirm that your system hardware meets the requirements
    • confirm the necessary software is installed
    • test your webcam and microphone
    • check to make sure all prohibited applications are terminated
      You will be notified which programs are being closed.
  • A blue border will appear around your monitor screen. This let’s you know that the proctoring app is active and running on your computer.

  • After your system check is complete, you will be reminded of the Exam Guidelines once more.
    Read through them and go to the next step.
  • Your System Check is now complete!

    Now it’s time for your practice exam session.

    Every exam session will consist of a room scan, a desk scan and the completion of the examination.

    First you will be required to perform a room scan using your mobile phone.

  • Using your Android or iOS smartphone, go to your device’s app store and download the Proctortrack mobile app.
  • Launch the Proctortrack mobile app on your phone and scan the QR code displayed on your computer monitor.

    After scanning the QR code, you will be prompted to a do a quick system check on your phone:
  • Next follow the on-phone prompts to do a 360 degree room scan and workspace using your mobile phone.

    When you successfully complete both scans, you will be notified onscreen. Click the 'Next' button when you see the white check mark on your phone, and you will proceed to the mock test on your computer.
    Your phone will display the 'locked' indicator, above, for the duration of your examination.
    HAVING ISSUES? If you are unable to do these scans using your smartphone, you will be required to use your computer's webcam, instead.
  • Enable the screenshare option in Step 1 and then click the "Start Proctoring" button in Step 2, to begin your mock exam.

    NOTE: Audio and video from your webcam and mic, as well as your computer activity, will be recorded during the mock exam session. The same will apply for your live exam.

    Your mock exam will open in a new Chrome tab.

    Log in using your last name and date of birth to begin.

  • Complete and submit your examination.
    After submitting, you will be prompted to quit the Proctortrack desktop monitoring app.
  • Then, on your mobile device, tap "End Proctoring" to close the Proctortrack App and unlock your phone.
  • Congratulations! You have completed all the steps required for onboarding!

    Now all you have to do is wait for Proctortrack to review the Identity Check images you uploaded and approve you for your actual exam.

How will I know if my Proctortrack Onboarding identity check has been approved?

Onboarding approval typically takes 4 to 8 hours.

There are two ways you will be informed that your profile is approved for your live exam:

  • In your OREA My Portfolio student account.
    Your onboarding status will change from Pending to Approved, AND the ‘Go to Onboarding’ button will change to say Go to Exam Site
  • In your personal email account.
    You will receive an email from Proctortrack confirming that your profile has been approved.

Will I need to do onboarding for each exam I book?

No. You won’t.
Once your onboarding profile has been approved by Proctortrack, you don’t need to do it again.

However, if you plan on using a different computer to do your exam, we recommend you do the Onboarding system check again on your new device.

Remember that all aspects of your exam experience will proceed the same way they did during onboarding.

During your exam, you are permitted to use the following:

Two (2) sheets of blank paper

  • White
  • Lined or unlined

A pen or pencil

Any resource sheet provided by OREA for your test

A calculator that does not store text data (optional)

  • Maximum of two calculators
  • Cell phones are not allowed for use as a calculator
  • Setting up your room for the exam
    • Clear all reference material and extraneous papers from your desk area/workspace
    • Remove anything that is stuck to your computer monitor, keyboard
    • Ensure your room is brightly lit
    • Ensure your computer is plugged in to a power outlet (or has battery life of about 4 hours)
    • Have your smartphone (Android or iOS) fully charged and ready to do the room scan
      • Make sure you have the Proctortrack mobile app downloaded and running
    • Ensure you will remain alone and uninterrupted for the duration of your exam
    • Ensure your room is appropriately quiet for an exam


    • Remove any headphones or earbuds – these are not permitted
    • Remove your watch
  • Getting started
    • Close all programs that are running on your computer
    • Launch your Chrome browser
    • At least 10 minutes before your scheduled exam start time, log in to your My Portfolio account
    • Click on the Go to Exam button
    • In your Proctortrack dashboard, click the "Confirmed" button beside the name of your course, and then click on the ‘Go To Test’ button at the scheduled time

    • Most of what happens next will be similar to the steps you followed during Onboarding. The main difference? You are not required to download and install any new software (unless you removed it after onboarding).

    • As you did during onboarding, follow the steps to complete the pre-exam check-in:
      • Read and agree to the examination session guidelines
      • Do the Identity Check (real-time face and ID scan)– your face and photo ID will be matched against what you submitted during onboarding
      • Launch the Proctortrack desktop app (already downloaded), or download and run the desktop app file
      • Do the System Check – all prohibited apps will be closed on your computer
      • On your smartphone launch the Proctortrack mobile app, scan the QR code displayed on your computer, and do the Room Scan
      • Do the desk/workspace scan, using your smartphone, and submit both scans
        HAVING ISSUES? If you are unable to do these scans using your smartphone, you will be required to use your computer's webcam, instead.
    • Wait in the exam “lobby” for your scans to be approved by your live Exam Proctor

      (This may take up to fifteen minutes)

      [NOTE: From this point onwards everything you do on your computer and in your ‘exam room’ is being recorded – shown by a blue box around your monitor’s display]

      • When prompted by your proctor, 'Share' your screen and click the 'Start Proctoring' button
      • Input your Last Name and Date of Birth in the OREA exam sign-in page (the exam access code will be entered automatically)
      • Your proctor will release your exam
  • Taking your exam

    Your OREA examination will run in a new browser tab. Once your exam begins, only you are permitted to answer the questions.

    If you have taken an OREA iPad-based exam in the past, the following is familiar to you and you may skip to the end of this section.

    However, if this your first time taking an exam in an electronic format, (i.e. you have only written paper-based exams until now) here are some helpful things to know:


    • The remaining time will be displayed at the top of the screen during the exam and it will automatically update

    Question Answering:

    • Each question is numbered. The value of the marks for each question is noted next to the question number.
    • Select the correct answer by clicking on it. When you are ready to proceed to the next question, click the Next button.
    • If you are not sure and wish to return to the question later, you can add a bookmark by pressing the Add Bookmark button.
    • You can change your answer anytime by selecting a different answer.


    • Some questions may require you to “scroll” the screen to read the entire question and all its available answers.
    • You can navigate between questions by pressing the Previous and Next buttons.
    • You will have a View Question Map button. You can find your bookmarked questions here. You can also jump to any question on your exam, at any time, by clicking on its number in the Question Map.
      The Question Map also allows you to easily see which questions you have not answered yet.
    • ONLY if applicable to your exam, there might be a Resources button. This button lets you view any reference material/formulas relevant to your specific exam.
  • Taking your break

    You are allowed one 5-minute break during your exam

    • You may request your break an any point during your exam
    • To request your break, simply click on the 'Break' button in your Proctortrack exam screen.
      REMEMBER: It is your responsibility to keep track of your elapsed break time! If you exceed your allowed time, your exam may be terminated by the proctor
  • Ending your exam

    There are two ways your exam will conclude

    • If you finish before the time allowed, you can submit the exam by using the Finish Exam button.
      NOTE: Once you submit your exam, you will NOT be able to make any further changes.
    • At the end of the 3-hour exam timeframe, the exam will automatically be submitted, including any questions you haven’t answered.

You will be prompted to close your exam’s browser tab.

Then close the Proctortrack app.

[NOTE: After closing the Proctortrack desktop app all exam monitoring will stop. The blue box around your monitor’s display will disappear]

IMPORTANT: Wait for the exam data upload to finish!

Your exam will end in one of two ways:

  • If you finish before the allowed time, you can click on the Finish Exam button.
    NOTE: Once you submit your exam, you will NOT be able to make any further changes.
  • At the end of the 3-hour exam timeframe, the exam will automatically be submitted, including any questions you haven’t answered.

Once your exam has been submitted, close the Proctortrack app.

IMPORTANT: Wait for the exam data upload to finish!

Proctortrack will review the exam to confirm the integrity of your session.

Your exam mark will typically be posted in My Portfolio within 3 to 5 days of your exam date.

OREA Real Estate College takes the integrity of these exams with the utmost gravity. During the exam, any of the following behaviours will be flagged by the proctor and may result in the voiding of your exam

  • Interacting with another person
  • Another person entering the exam room
  • Taking phone calls
  • Using your phone or a tablet device during the exam
  • Using other applications on your computer
  • Excessive noise in your environment, or playing music
  • Leaving your exam area without permission from the proctor
  • Recording exam questions in any way

Show More

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I write special accommodation examinations. Is the online virtual exam an option for me?

At initial launch, only the standard examination will be offered for booking.

OREA is committed to providing an equitable exam experience and we will be working to expand this solutions to some students with special accommodations. However, because of the nature of some accommodations, they are not suitable for online-proctored virtual exams.


  • A calculator that does not allow the saving or storing of text material.
  • One 5-minute break, to be taken at any time during your examination.
  • A snack or drink, provided they are in the room before the exam commences.
  • You may get up and walk around the room to stretch your legs during your online exam, provided you are in view of the camera at all times.
  • Two (2) sheets of blank paper (lined or unlined) for calculations and rough work. Before the exam starts, you will be asked to hold up your blank paper to the proctor, to ensure that no unauthorized notes are being used during your exam.
  • A pencil or pen and an eraser.
  • If you are taking an exam for Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading or Principles of Appraisal ONLY - you will be provided with relevant OREA resource document in the Current Courses section of your My Portfolio account. You may print this sheet in advance and you will be required to show the sheet to the proctor prior to starting the exam. These are in addition to the blank scrap paper.


  • Using your cell phone for any reason other than for a room scan, once your online examination begins. Cell phones must be put aside for the duration of your exam.
  • Reference materials of any kind (i.e.textbooks, workbooks) .
  • Wireless electronic devices such as hand held computers, cell phones, smart watches, dictionaries or translators, personal data assistants, pagers, headsets, ear buds, any remote communication or photographic device, or other electronic organizers that permit the saving of text material, during your online examination.
  • Background noise during your online examination. If there is background noise coming from somewhere other than your “exam room”, the proctor will ‘flag’ your exam and submit an incident report detailing what occurred.


  • You are required to have your valid government issued photo ID with you during your online examination. Acceptable government issued ID includes a current Driver’s Licence and/or a current Passport. If you fail to provide the required ID, you will not be permitted to write and will need to reschedule the exam. Standard reschedule fees will apply.
  • An uncluttered working area, free of all items except those permitted during your exam.
  • You will need to scan your “exam room” with your smart phone, before your exam begins, to ensure no one else is present. If you do not own a smart phone, you will be asked to complete the room scan with your laptop/desktop camera. You will also be asked to hold up a mirror to your laptop/desktop camera to show that there is nothing stuck to your monitor.
  • You are required to show your proctor both sides of your scrap paper, a minimum of 2 to 3 times during your exam, to ensure no note of any questions from the online exam have been made. At the end of your examination, you will be required, in clear view of the proctor, to destroy/rip up any paper notes taken during the examination.
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