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Proctortrack Security Incident

Posted: October 26, 2020 – 5:11 p.m.

We are happy to inform you that online exam services will be resuming shortly. We are completing our testing now to ensure that all aspects run as smoothly as before. While we do so, we can announce the following schedule for re-starting exams:

Tuesday, Oct 27
12 noon
You can resume booking online exams
You can resume doing onboarding
Tuesday, Oct 27
2 p.m.
Exams scheduled from this time onward may be taken
(If you are not prepared to take your exam on this day, you may reschedule with no fee

Booking a new exam date:

If you had an exam that was booked for any session between Tuesday, October 13th and Tuesday Oct 27th (11 a.m.) and were unable to take it, we have made the following change to enable you to schedule a new date:

  • Your exam date has been moved to a placeholder date of Dec. 25, 2020. This will enable you to schedule an exam date of your own choosing.
  • IMPORTANT: This is not an actual exam session and you must reschedule this date.

To accommodate you, fees for rescheduling exams will continue to be waived for two weeks. Standard exam fees will be reinstated on Wednesday, November 11, 2020

A last word on the security incident

Proctortrack's final security audit report confirms that no OREA student information was accessed. Additionally no exam information was in any jeopardy during the security incident.

OREA has also confirmed that Verificient has put in place additional security measures to protect all student data.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Posted: October 20, 2020 – 3:08 p.m.

As you are aware, last Wednesday Verificient Technologies experienced a security incident. Out of an abundance of caution, all their services, including Proctortrack virtual exams, were suspended while they investigated what happened. Since then, the OREA Real Estate College has been in regular contact with Verificient to gain an understanding of how this affects our student body and to work on getting online exams restarted as quickly as possible.

The preliminary analysis by the Verificient security review team indicates that:

  • There was no sign of a data breach to the Proctortrack exam system
  • No OREA student information was accessed

Verificient is putting additional cybersecurity safeguards in place to protect their systems from unauthorized access.

We understand that the outage over the last few days has impacted students' exam schedules, and we regret the inconvenience this has caused. We are working closely with the Proctortrack team to get online exams going again as soon as possible, and expect that they will resume by the middle of next week.

Resuming online exams will be dependent on Proctortrack's system being ready, and on OREA's review of the new safeguards and confirmation that they meet our expectations.

If you need to change your exam because of this incident, to give you sufficient opportunity to do so, OREA will continue to waive the exam rescheduling fee for a two-week period after online exams resume.

We continue to monitor this situation closely and will keep you updated in My Portfolio and on this dedicated Security Incident webpage.

Posted: October 15, 2020 – 2:42 p.m.

On Wednesday night (October 14th), our provider of online exams, Verificient, informed us that they detected a security breach in their Proctortrack exam system. While they assess the extent of the incident, Verificient has shut down all their online exam services to prevent any unauthorized access.

The preliminary information we received suggests that no information related to OREA students has been accessed. OREA’s student data is housed on servers within Canada, and there is no indication at this time that this information has been compromised. 

Until Proctortrack's services are restored and we are confident that appropriate security measures are in place, online exams will not be available.

For the time being, students will not be able to:

  • Book an online-proctored exam
  • Access an online-proctored exam
  • View scheduling details of an online-proctored exam
  • Access the Proctortrack site to do onboarding

Until the issue is resolved, the college will be waiving all fees for exam changes.

Verificient anticipates that it may take 7-10 days to complete a full security review and an external audit.

In-person exams are not affected.

As we gather more information, we will share it with you here.

Frequently asked questions

As soon as Proctortrack’s services are restored we will post an announcement in your My Portfolio account.

Until the issue is resolved to our satisfaction, the college will be waiving all fees for exam changes. We will put a notice on our website about the reinstatement of fees, once we set a date for resuming online-proctored exam services.

Yes. You can book in-person exams in your My Portfolio account.

You can schedule in-person exams right away.

Proctortrack believes that no student data has been exposed. We will update this page with any new information as we receive it.

No. The timeline to close the college has not changed.

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