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Online Virtual Exams – An Overview

Exam Reschedule Fee Notice:
Starting August 1, 2020, OREA Real Estate College will reinstate the standard exam reschedule fee for Online-proctored examinations.

Taking an exam from home

OREA’s new online virtual exam option allows you to take your examinations remotely. Without leaving your home, you will be able to complete your course assessment and proceed through your program of study.
Here is an outline of what taking an online-proctored exam is like, from scheduling it in your My Portfolio to completing it on Proctortrack's site. 

How do I take an online-proctored virtual exam?

There are four main steps:

  • Exams are booked in your My Portfolio student account (Read more…)
  • Like every exam, you choose your preference from the options that are available
  • You can change (reschedule) your exam according to the college exam reschedule guidelines

Before you book, ensure you have ALL the requirements

Complete the exam onboarding session.

  • Onboarding will make sure that all aspects of your exam setup are properly attuned for your session. (You will need to have your government-issued photo ID and your smartphone handy).
  • Onboarding is also where you create your identity profile for Proctortrack, so they know who you are.
    If you don’t complete onboarding, you may not be permitted to take the exam.
  • In your home, ensure that your ’exam room’ is uncluttered and free of interruptions
  • Make sure you have:
    • Your valid government-issued photo ID
    • Fully charged smartphone (Android or iOS), for the room scan
    • Pen or pencil
    • Two sheets of BLANK paper (lined or unlined), for your rough work
    • Your calculator - which does not store text
    • Removed all workbooks, study notes and other course material from your ‘exam room’
  • Log into your exam waiting area (on Proctortrack’s site) at least 15 minutes before your scheduled exam start time
  • Prior to your exam start complete the room scan, the system check, and the identity verification
  • Take your exam
  • Close the Proctortrack examination monitoring app on your computer
  • Close the Proctortrack app on your smartphone
  • Wait for the results of your exam
    • Your mark will typically be posted within three to five days of your exam date

Want to find out more?

If this new exam option sounds like something for you, head over to our Virtual Exams - What to Expect page. There, you will find out many more details about every aspect of online-proctored examinations.

Remember that, even as we introduce this, OREA will continue to provide in-person exam options in a safe, responsible and socially conscious manner.

Additional things to know

  • Make sure that have a valid email address on file. You will receive emails about:
    • Your exam booking (from OREA Real Estate College)
    • Your Proctortrack onboarding profile approval status (from Proctortrack)
  • If you are late for your exam, you may not be permitted to proceed. You will have to reschedule (standard exam fees apply)
  • Exams are available both day and night, seven days a week, with specific scheduled start times
  • During your exam, you will be permitted one 5-minute break, upon request to your proctor
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