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Statement from CEO Tim Hudak on Bank of Canada interest rate increase

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Statement from CEO Tim Hudak on government expert housing forum

Back in March, the Ontario Real Estate Association together with the Ontario Home Builders’ Association urged the Provincial Government to create a housing experts task force to provide ideas for increasing housing supply in Ontario. The Government responded, and today OREA’s president Ettore Cardarelli is participating in the expert housing forum.

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Statement from CEO Tim Hudak re: Non-resident speculation tax data

“We are pleased to see the government collecting and publishing these numbers. It is always important for public officials to make policy decisions informed by good data. Today’s release of foreign buyers’ data reiterates the findings found by the Toronto Real Estate Board from earlier this year."

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Born in Canada or not, Ontarians stand united on the value of home ownership

A large majority of Ontarians born outside of Canada say that home ownership is important to them (80%), slightly outweighing those born in Canada by five points (75%), shows new research from Ipsos for the Ontario Home Ownership Index

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Getting the message out through social media

Know your audience – this is a communication mantra for ensuring the right message reaches the right audience. This also applies to social media. But, there’s another mantra you should add to your social media communication arsenal – narrow casting. Watch the video to learn more about this new communication strategy.

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