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Comic video highlights generation gap

November 2015

Comic video highlights generation gap

A funny new video about a young client and her REALTOR® has been created by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA).

The video focuses on a generation gap in communication styles between a twenty-something home buyer and her real estate representative, a middle-aged man. Titled “Found in Translation”, the three-minute piece is a comic look at the divide between the pair.

The young woman is adept at using “emoticons” and short forms common to texting language, whereas the older salesperson is baffled by them. He faces a learning curve but later adapts to the medium.

The video highlights the value that the Realtor brings to the transaction despite the initial communication gap with the client. In the end, the Realtor helps the buyer obtain the house of her dreams and complete a successful transaction.

The video was released on Oct. 5 on and has been posted to the OREA website at The video has also been sent out on Twitter @orea and on the OREA blog at

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