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New real estate app to develop business plan

May 2017

New real estate app to develop business plan

April 24, 2017

New real estate app to develop business planAn exciting and useful new app is now available for real estate professionals to develop a business plan and train for success.

The Business Plan for Real Estate Professionals app was developed by the OREA Real Estate College. It enables REALTORS® to set goals, develop marketing plans, and track their activities with buyers and sellers in a systematic way. The program runs on iPad devices and was launched in mid-April. It can be purchased through the Apple Store for $6.99 per user.

“This is a genuinely useful tool for all real estate practitioners,” said Ozzie Logozzo, executive director of the OREA Real Estate College, who conceived of the app, working in tandem with OREA colleagues and a technology company.

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The launch is the culmination of a project that was almost two years in the making and required a wide range of skill sets, he said. “It was a massive puzzle that took many pieces to put together, but the result it quite unique, and everyone who’s seen it so far has been very impressed.”

“I’m not aware of anything else out there like this that is specifically geared to the real estate profession,” he said. “This app is a portable and secure training tool for individual REALTORS® as well as something that brokers of record can give to all of their salespeople to drive them towards success.”

The self-directed app guides users from the start in a straightforward, user-friendly way. It gives Realtors information on how to create a business plan and tips on effective time management. It allows you to set your goals for what you want to achieve financially in your real estate career, and populates charts over time so you can review your progress.

The program highlights areas of weakness, giving users the opportunity to pursue continuing education in those areas. “It enables you to compare your performance against the plan and then suggests steps you can take to improve.”

"The self-directed app guides users from the start in a straightforward, user-friendly way.”

Users can fill in the charts with quantifiable goals such as: desired income; number of transactions you wish to oversee; volume of leads you expect to develop; and the rate of conversion from contacts or prospects to clients. The program begins with a section called the Learning Centre, allowing users to work through numerous steps starting with categories such as: My Market; My Services; My Goals; My Prospecting; My Marketing; My Tracking; and My Reports.

“Since Realtors are independent entrepreneurs, this app gives them the necessary tools and self-discipline to achieve the goals they have set for themselves,” said Logozzo. “The plan is easy to work from and you can adjust it along the way based on your own experiences, goals, successes and failures.”

After purchasing the app, users must create an individual account and log in. The information is housed in your iPad rather than in the cloud, so others cannot access it without the password.

Story by Mary Ann Gratton

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