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My Portfolio

All students are issued a 'My Portfolio' account when enroling in their first course. The OREA Real Estate College uses this to communicate with students on academic and administrative matters.

My Portfolio is your personal, confidential section of the OREA website that contains information about your courses. It’s a tool used to:

  • Enrol for courses online
  • Select examination dates and location
  • Access online courses
  • Retrieve marks and transcripts upon course completion
  • Download tax receipts and other official documents
  • Access course resources, including Education Forums, e-Books, and PDFs
  • Update contact information
  • View history of courses completed
  • Iniate transfers between courses and/or methods of delivery
  • Order a variety of College products

How to Access My Portfolio

Accessing My Portfolio is made easy and convenient through the login banner at the top of the website.

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Enter Your OREA Student ID Number
Enter the eight-digit number assigned upon enrolment in Real Estate as a Professional Career.

Enter Password
First-time users will be required to reset their password.

Message Centre

Logging on to My Portfolio will take you to your Inbox where new mail from OREA College is stored. Click on any item to read.

Document Centre

The Document Centre contains every official document about a course. From here you can print:

  • Enrolment Contract
  • Enrolment Confirmations
  • Examination Confirmations
  • Payment Receipts
  • Tax Receipts
  • Transcripts

Course Centre

Current Courses
Lists courses in which you are currently enrolled. Access an e-Learning course by clicking the underlined hyperlink in the course description.

Completed Courses
Lists courses which you have completed, along with applicable credits and/or marks.

Course Resources
Upon enrolment in a course, students are provided access to both an e-Book and PDF of the course. A PDF is a reproduction of the course textbook. The e-Book is an electronic workbook similar to the online version of the course. These electronic versions of the course material may be located in My Portfolio under Course Centre.

Course Updates
Course curriculum is updated on an ongoing basis to ensure students have access to course materials which are current and accurate. Students are able to access updates for the course in which they are enrolled.

Support Centre

Course Suggestions
The OREA Real Estate College welcomes feedback from students. Questions relating to curriculum content may be submitted and will be reviewed by curriculum staff.

Shipping Status
When a product is ordered from the College, students are provided with the ability to track the status of their order through Shipment Tracking Details. A tracking number and contact information are provided to assist in determining the location of the shipment.

My Profile Info

Shows you your personal information. Information can be updated simply by clicking on the Edit link at the end of the line that you want to change.


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“Using My Portfolio, I could manage my courses, check my grades, and see when courses were available.”

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Sahir Jamal
Broker of Record

Why OREA Real Estate College

My Portfolio is your personal, confidential section of the OREA website that contains information about your courses and exams.
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