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Ontario REALTOR® Provincial Issues Guide

The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) recognizes the critical role that REALTORS® play in building strong communities across Ontario. As an association, our purpose is to ensure that REALTORS® help current and aspiring homebuyers and sellers achieve the Canadian dream of home ownership by addressing key real estate issues with the Government of Ontario.

With respect to public policy, OREA strives to promote a legislative and regulatory environment that is favourable to REALTORS® and property owners. The policy positions outlined in the Ontario REALTOR® Provincial Issues Guide underpin REALTORS’® commitment to the dream of home ownership, private property rights and a strong free market economy.

The paper is divided into five main sections, which identify Ontario REALTORS® position statements on the following topics:

  • Housing and Real Estate
  • Finance and Taxation
  • Strong Business Environment
  • Consumer Protection
  • Environment

These positions are intended to guide and inform decision making when it comes to policy changes that will affect both REALTORS® and Ontarians.

If you have any questions about the Provincial Issues Guide, you may contact governmenrelations@orea.com.

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