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Volunteer with us: Join our community of Directors and Committee Members

Five reasons to apply:

  • Volunteering gives you a way to give back and make a difference to the REALTOR® community.
  • Volunteering offers incredible networking opportunities across the province.
  • Volunteering is the perfect place to develop new skills.
  • Volunteering can be energizing and renewing.
  • Volunteering can create leaders.

Applications for OREA volunteer positions are open from mid December until mid March.

Volunteering with OREA

  • Are you looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity?
  • Are you an OREA member in good standing?
  • Are you passionate about making an impact in the real estate industry in Ontario?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, then you’ll want to consider giving back to the industry that you’ve built your career on by volunteering with OREA.

OREA is at the forefront of changes to the industry and when you volunteer you become a part of those exciting changes. There are two types of positions to apply for.

OREA relies on strong leadership to drive change and achieve our mission of helping Ontario REALTORS® succeed in building stronger communities.

The OREA Board of Directors provides leadership and guides the strategic direction of the association. The board governs on behalf of our members while representing the interests of the organization. OREA is led by a volunteer 13-member board of directors, comprised of the following positions:

  • President
  • Directors-at-Large (4)
  • President-Elect
  • Provincial Directors (6)
  • Immediate Past President

Directors-at-Large and Provincial Directors serve two-year terms. All other positions have one-year terms. Members elect Directors-at-Large and Provincial Directors for available positions at the OREA Assembly. The board selects the President-Elect from the existing Board of Directors. The President-Elect serves a one-year term before automatically becoming President.

“As an OREA Director, I love the fact that I’m able to participate in the process of improving the organization’s effectiveness. It’s a very rewarding role which enables me to contribute to improving benefits to our members.”

- Mike Douglas, Broker, Re/Max Chay Realty Inc. Barrie, Ontario

Interested members can submit a candidacy form to run for an available board position on specific dates between October and December each year. Candidacy forms are submitted to OREA’s Chief Executive Officer care of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and are available from OREA or from your local real estate association.

Pre-requisites for Director candidates vary by position, but all need to be a current OREA member in good standing, have completed Leadership 100, and have been a member for 3 of the previous 5 years. As of 2020, all directors must also complete OREA Leadership 200 and 300 courses by the end of the first year of their term. Candidates for Provincial Director positions must be a member of a Member Board within the area the candidate wishes to be elected. Candidates for Director-at-Large positions who haven’t already served on the OREA Board of Directors must have been either on an OREA committee for at least three years or president or vice-president of a Member Board in the five years immediately preceding running for election.

Please note that there are additional (basic) requirements for all candidates and Directors:

  • He must be and remain an Individual Member;
  • He must not be or become legally incompetent;
  • He must not be or become bankrupt or insolvent;
  • After the OREA Annual Meeting in 2019, no Director shall serve continuously past the sixth OREA Annual Meeting after the date he was elected and has served continuously from (which may result in a Director not being able to continue serving as Director for the second year of the two year term for which he was elected), unless after the end of that sixth Annual Meeting that Director is the President or the Immediate Past President;
  • Any person who is disqualified from continuing to serve as a Director as a result of section 7.02(a)(iv) shall be entitled to be elected as a Director again as of the commencement of the third OREA Annual Meeting following the day he ceased to be a Director; and
  • He must take and, if requested by the Board of Directors, retake the oath of office, as determined from time to time by the Board of Directors….

To learn more about running for a position on OREA’s 2020 Board of Directors, click here

Committees are designated groups of individuals mandated to carry out specified duties as assigned to them and are often referred to as the ‘work horse’ of the board of directors. There are two types of committees at OREA: standing committees and special committees (i.e. ad hoc)

You need to be an OREA member in good standing to apply. As of 2020, all committee members must also complete OREA Leadership 100 and 200 courses prior to the first committee meeting. Each committee has a mandate or Terms of Reference that outlines its function. Some committees require some specialized skills/experience/qualifications. See the committee’s Terms of Reference before you apply to ensure that you qualify.

“Serving on an OREA committee has provided numerous opportunities and facets to cultivate new skills that have not only enhanced my career, but also afforded me the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals who are all looking to make a difference to our industry.”

-Dominic Cole, VP & Broker of Record, BALL Real Estate Inc., Brokerage, Ontario

OREA posts a committee application on www.orea.com each year, available on specific dates from December to February. You’ll be asked to share information about yourself including your experience and education. You’ll get to select up to three committees that you would like to apply for. Full information about each committee is available with the application.

Committee members are selected in March by the OREA Board of Directors. The board works to ensure the best fit between candidate and committee, often seeking out related experience and knowledge.

You need to be an OREA member in good standing to apply. As of 2020, all committee members must also complete OREA Leadership 100 and 200 courses prior to the first committee meeting. Some committees require some specialized skills/experience/qualifications. For example, you must be a Broker to sit on the ‘OREA Arbitration and Ethics Committee’. Qualifications for each committee are explained in each committee’s Terms of Reference that forms part of the application form.

As a committee member, you are expected to: prepare for meetings by reading the meeting package in full; attend the majority of meetings in-person or via conference call as defined; and, participate fully in discussions and decisions. Meeting frequency and duration varies from committee to committee as do the specific responsibilities. More information about each committee is available with the application form.

If you have any questions about volunteering with OREA, please contact info@orea.com

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