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OREA 2017 Spring Political Affairs Seminar

OREA 2017 Spring Political Affairs Seminar

March 2nd, Sheraton Centre, Downtown Toronto

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Hotel Rooms at 2017 OREA Spring Political Affairs Seminar

The Spring Political Affairs Seminar will deliver government relations and advocacy training from OREA’s Government Relations team. Up to two representatives from each board are allowed to participate, and is designed for local PAC Chairs and the Executive Officer or their designated government relations staff person.

Once OREA receives a delegate’s registration, we will reserve a hotel room unless otherwise instructed. If you have already booked a room for March 1st, 2017, please let us know in the Special Requests/Information box below.

OREA will provide two bursaries (1 for the Executive Officer or staff designate and 1 for the PAC Chair) for economy travel and one-night hotel to each board. All other charges (e.g. parking, incidental room charges and non-seminar meals) are the responsibility of the individual delegate.

If you have any questions, please contact Christopher Dacunha, Manager , Political Programs, Government Relations at ChristopherD@orea.com or 416-385-6618.

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