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OREA 2016 Political Affairs Conference

OREA 2016 Political Affairs Conference

November 20th-22nd, Park Hyatt Hotel, Downtown Toronto

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Hotel Rooms at 2016 OREA PAC

Delegates will be responsible for reserving their own hotel room(s) at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Toronto.

Member real estate boards and associations are eligible for one PAC subsidy for every four MPPs within a board’s jurisdictional area, but no less than two subsidies per board. The subsidy covers complimentary conference registration and two nights of accommodation at the Park Hyatt Hotel. All other charges (e.g. travel, parking, incidental room charges and non-seminar meals) are the responsibility of the individual delegate.

To make your hotel reservation and receive OREA’s special group rate visit the Hyatt’s website. OREA will reimburse member boards who attend the conference for eligible PAC subsidies only.

More information on claiming PAC subsidies will follow the conference.

OREA room rate is $192.00 + Tax

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