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OREA : Stay up-to-date with industry news, OREA products and services, and OREA intiatives.

Member Discounts : Learn about the OREA membership discount programs and occasional member focused specials offered to OREA members.

OREA Centre for Leadership Development : Leadership based communications specific to REALTORS® interested in volunteering for their association at a local, provincial, or national level. These communications offer tips, training, newsletter and product promotions.

Member Engagement : Communications regarding the Young Professional Network events, REALITY+ events for REALTORS®

Surveys and Research : Be a part of OREA’s Research Panel, provide your input on new initiatives and let us hear your feedbacks via our surveys.

Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation : Newsletters, events for the Foundation, as well as promotions that benefit the Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation.

Government Relations and Political Advocacy : Communications related to Ontario Realtor® Party, OREA's Government Relations Activities and Political Advocacy Campaigns

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