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Real Estate Forms Made Simple


Did you know there are 18 residential listing agreements (and related forms), seven agency agreements (and related forms), four residential lease agreements (and related forms), and 22 commercial forms? Can you name the four types of agency relationships? Can you explain the agency relationship with potential buyer or seller clients? If you cannot say yes […]

Real Estate is not a job


Don’t think of real estate as a job.  Think of it as a lifestyle. Embracing this concept helped me take my business to the next level. When I first considered a career in real estate, one of things that attracted me the most was the perceived flexibility in work hours. It’s true that I am […]

Training for new volunteers – just-in-time


When someone volunteers to sit on a committee or board of directors for the first time, it’s likely that person will be on a steep learning curve. Take our industry, for example. The knowledge required to be a successful REALTOR® is quite different from that which is required to be a successful committee member at […]

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