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In-person Exams

As the province of Ontario has been placed in Lockdown status, all in-person exams have been cancelled and iPad exam centres have been closed until further notice. The college will evaluate next steps based on provincial health guidelines issued after the lockdown.
Students with exams scheduled in these locations should reschedule to an online-proctored exam.

We regret any inconvenience this has caused.

We’re pleased that we are able to again offer in-person exams for students, to supplement the online-proctored exam delivery. Here are some changes we made that you should be aware of:

  • Exams will be iPad-based only
  • Because of new health and safety requirements, these things will be different:
    • Exam venues will have reduced seating capacity
    • Masks will be required, and other safety protocols will be in place for students and our test centre operators
    • Afternoon exam sessions, where available, will start later to allow for thorough cleaning between sessions

Read on for more information about our in-person exam procedures

  • What we are doingto keep you safe
  • What YOU need to do before coming to an exam
  • If you get sick or if you come into contact
  • FAQs

Your health and safety is our top priority

With the resumption of in-person OREA exams, the health and safety of our staff and our students and members continues to be our top priority.

Our procedures follow the reopening framework provided by the Province of Ontario, and the advice of the Toronto Chief Medical Officer of Health. We also follow best practice advice from top Canadian health experts.

Here are some of the measures we have put in place:

  • All test centre staff have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Intensive cleaning of our test centres has been done in advance, including cleaning of upholstery and special disinfecting of high touch surfaces.
  • Regular nightly professional cleaning and disinfecting of all areas used by staff or students are in place.
  • Test centre operators clean all iPads, desks, chairs, and high touch areas between exam sessions
  • Test centres have proper physical distancing protocols in place
  • Test centres enforce mask-wearing protocols
    • A mask or face covering is an additional measure we can take to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep each other safe
  • Hand sanitizer stations are available and easily accessible
  • Signage is in place to remind all users of expected safety behaviours
  • Loitering is not permitted
  • If you have symptoms or may have been exposed to COVID-19, please stay at home
    • If someone in your household is showing symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home.
  • Complete the OREA COVID-19 Declaration of Health (required)
  • Bring your face mask (required)
  • Bring your valid, government-issued photo ID (required)

We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled exam start time

  • Wear your face mask
  • Keep a distance of 2 metres (6 feet) from other people, whenever possible
  • Have OREA COVID-19 Declaration of health (SMS on your cellphone), and your ID ready
  • Follow the Test Centre Operator (TCO)’s directions to enter the building and follow the signs to the examination room
  • At the exam room entrance, before being granted entry you will be asked to:
    • Show your declaration of health on your phone
    • Show your ID
    • Remove your face covering temporarily so the TCO may confirm your identity
    • Sanitize your hands

NOTE: Test Centre Operators are expected to restrict entry to anyone showing any visible signs of illness, regardless of the declaration

For the safety of your fellow students and OREA staff

  • You must wear your face mask at ALL times while in the examination centre
    • Make sure your mask covers your nose and mouth
  • We will no longer loan calculators for use during the exam
  • A maximum of two people will be permitted into the restroom at any time
  • Wash your hands.
  • Use the hand sanitizer before re-entering the exam room
  • Exit through the marked doors only
    • Please feel free to clean your hands with hand sanitizer as you leave.
    • You will not be permitted re-entry after leaving the building

Containing the spread of COVID-19 is a shared community responsibility. Doing so is especially important until a vaccine or better treatments become widely available.

Within 14 days of taking your exam, if you

  • Test positive for COVID-19
  • Realize that you came into contact with someone who has COVID-19 prior to your exam
  • Are not tested but you have symptoms of COVID-19

Please contact OREA Customer Services at 1-866-411-6732

OREA will ensure that all affected people are notified, according to provincial health guidelines and take all necessary measures to sanitize the exam centre.

Your name will not be shared with those you came in contact with.

Please inform anyone you had close contact with to self-isolate for 14 days from the last day they had contact with you. This applies to people who live in your household and to anyone else you had close contact with while you were sick and not self-isolating, and up to 48 hours before you were sick.

If you you have a medical condition the prevents you from wearing a mask, please take advantage of the college's online-proctored exam option. There are no exceptions to the mask-wearing requirement at our test centres.

There is no exception to the requirement to wear masks at a test centre. Every student who attends an exam is expected to properly wear their face mask (covering nose, mouth and chin) at all times for the duration of their time. Otherwise, our online-proctored exam option is available.

No. Calculators will not be provided. We recommend you bring your own calculator- one that does not store text.
Your cellphone cannot be used as a calculator.

We are working with our partners at various venues to resume iPad-based exams and ensure the same standards of safety. As we re-open each centres we will post those updates on this page and in My Portfolio. Our goal is to reopen as many exam centres as we can. You can find a complete list of open and closed exam centres here.

Paper-based exams are held on college and university campuses with whom we have partnered. These centres are currently closed. Once each individual venue outlines their plans for re-opening we will coordinate with them to resume exams. Updates will be posted on this page and in My Portfolio. You can find a complete list of open and closed exam centres here

Every student is expected to bring their own approved face mask or face covering with them to the exam centre.

Yes. Hand sanitizer stations are available and easily accessible.

Stay home. Do not come to an exam centre if you feel sick. This is one of the things you can do to keep other students and our community safe.
You can reschedule your exam in your My Portfolio account.

If you have an approved accommodation with the college, please contact exams@orea.com regarding options for taking your special needs accommodation exam.

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