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OREA has partnered with CREA to make logging in easier. CREA updated its authentication service REALTOR Link®/NAF to single sign-on authentication on September 26, 2023. This impacts how OREA members log in via the member tab to access

  • All the members were required to set up their new profile in before Sep 26,2023, after which they must use their new account credentials (email address and password) to log in to via SSO. If you have already set up your new credentials, you need to enter them in the SSO page, followed by which you will be prompted to enter a multi-factor authentication code. You will be returned to the OREA website once you have successfully signed in via CREA SSO page.
  • If you haven't set up your new profile in CREA SSO, click here or click on the ‘Set Up’ link on the SSO page.
  • If you require further assistance on logging in as a Member, please go to the CREA Help web page or contact CREA’s Member Experience Centre available Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST by calling 1-888-237-7945 or emailing

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