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June 3, 2022

OREA Congratulates Premier Ford And The Progressive Conservative Party On Provincial Election Win

“The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) would like to congratulate Premier Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservative Party for their re-election as Ontario’s next government. We look forward to working with the newly re-elected government, and all elected MPPs, to help keep the Canadian dream of home ownership alive for Ontario’s young people and their families. Ontario’s REALTORS® put real solutions to the housing affordability crisis on the table in our ‘A Home for Everyone’ housing election platform, and we were pleased to see that the major parties listened and offered robust proposals that included a number of OREA’s ideas.

Under the leadership of Premier Ford, the Government of Ontario saw the most homes built in 30 years, introduced two pro-home ownership bills, and championed real estate as an essential service. The Ford Government also passed the Trust in Real Estate Services Act (TRESA), which makes Ontario a North American leader in professional standards, consumer protections, and new real estate business tools, including personal real estate corporations (PRECs).

The PCs’ commitment to build 1.5 million homes over the next decade is key to solving the housing affordability crisis. We need more homes that people can afford, and this will go a long way towards that goal. The PC plan to give financial incentives to municipalities to take pro-growth measures and increase housing supply in their regions is also a big part of the solution.

OREA would also like to congratulate the other parties for their hard-fought campaigns. We encourage them to continue to advocate for pro-affordable home ownership ideas, such as the Liberal Party’s plan to get money laundering out of real estate, the NDP’s promise to give loans to first-time home buyers, and the Green Party’s Green Retrofit Program.

We need to continuously bring more housing supply to the marketplace. One way that the re-elected Ontario government can achieve this is by ending exclusionary zoning. These outdated zoning laws encourage NIMBY forces to drive up costs of homes or drive away affordable homes in a neighbourhood entirely. It defies common sense that you cannot build affordable starter homes such as townhomes for multiple families without red tape, runaround, and exorbitant costs.

The voters have decided and they want to see action. Let’s work together and bring affordability home for Ontarians across the province.”

- Tim Hudak, CEO of the Ontario Real Estate Association

For more information contact:

Ontario Real Estate Association

Jean-Adrien Delicano

Specialist, Media Relations

416-445-9910 ext. 246

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