OREA Examinations and the Strike at Community Colleges

Due to the strike at Community Colleges, OREA students are advised to allow additional time to arrive at exam sessions held at College venues.

Website Speed Issue

The OREA website is currently experiencing some technical difficulties and running slower than normal. Please bear with us. We are working on resolving the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Legal Resources and Q&A

Assistance with your legal or ethical issues

Real estate transactions can be fraught with complications. Fortunately, you have access to reams of general legal guidance. This information is not a substitute for legal representation, but it will help you ask the right questions. 

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Get answers to your legal/ethical questions.

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Legal Forum & Ask Merv

OREA mourns the passing of our dear friend and colleague Merv Burgard. Merv will be greatly missed by many ‎ OREA staff, volunteers and by countless Ontario REALTORS®.

The ‘Ask Merv’ function of Legal Forum has been disabled but all of the Legal Forum Topics and Subtopics and the Legal Forum Search function still remain. As a result of Merv's hard work on Legal Forum for approximately 17 years there are more than 6,000 questions and answers on Legal Forum for you to search and review.

OREA will keep you posted as to its future plans for Legal Forum.

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Is This Career For Me

HomeVerified Reports

HomeVerified Home and Neighbourhood History reports can be purchased from Teranet. REALTORS® can share the reports with clients. Make note, OREA advises that commercial use of the reports can put REALTORS® at risk of breaking privacy law. Learn more

Is This Career For Me

Disputes & Compliance

Find guidance on issues ranging from how to deal with a RECO complaint, to what to expect from an arbitration appeal, to how to comply with privacy legislation. Learn more

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