Distance Delivery Methods Now Available For RES and COM Courses

e-Learning and correspondence methods of delivery are now available for The Residential Real Estate Transaction and The Commercial Real Estate Transaction courses. For more information, please access My Portfolio

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Licensed Third Party Providers

The following forms are available in NCR format (packages of 25).

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200 - Listing Agreement - Authority to Offer for Sale $22
210 - Listing Agreement - Authority to Offer for Lease  $22
220 - Seller Property Information Statement $22
221 - SPIS Schedule for Condominiums  $11.50
222 - SPIS Schedule for Water Supply, Waste Disposal, Access and Shoreline    $11.50
300 - Buyer Representation Agreement $22

The Ontario Real Estate Association (“OREA”) makes standardized forms that may be used in real estate transactions in Ontario and a set of standard clauses for use therewith (the “OREA Standard Forms and Clauses”) available to licensed third-party providers for use by OREA Members with their respective software applications. If you choose to use an online platform, then we encourage all Members to use an authorized OREA licensed provider when using the OREA Standard Forms in an Ontario real estate transaction. The current authorized OREA Third Party Licensed Providers are as follows:


Are you in the legal community and enquiring about OREA Standard Forms? … Contact LDD.

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