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The new TRESA Phase 2 regulations coming into effect on December 1, 2023, and with it comes new and updated Standard Forms. To ensure Members are prepared for the changes ahead, the OREA Standard Forms team has prepared a variety of educational resources.

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What’s the Latest with TRESA & Standard Forms?

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What’s the Latest with TRESA & Standard Forms?

The new TRESA Phase 2 regulations will have a significant and manageable impact on OREA Standard Forms & Clauses.

OREA Forms team, including the Standard Forms Committee, has extensively reviewed all OREA Forms and Clauses to establish new and revised 2024 Forms and Clauses due to TRESA effects. In total there are 30 new OREA Forms, 60 revised OREA Forms and 29 discontinued OREA Forms, all effective December 1st 2023. The new OREA Forms fall under varied categories related to Self-Represented Parties, client relationships, seller directions to the brokerage and communication with integrity, OREA Forms for communication between brokerages, and communications between Members with their consumers.

The new Forms with TRESA Effects will be available on November 29th, for use on December 1st.

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Forms with TRESA Effects Webinars

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Forms with TRESA Effects Webinars

OREA Standard Forms experts are working hard to provide Members with various educational resources to assist in their preparation for December 1st.

OREA Forms resources cover what Members need to know about TRESA timing, the effects TRESA will have on REALTORS’® day-to-day business, and the TRESA trading requirements and obligations that will ultimately affect Standard Forms. On November 29th, the 2024 OREA Forms with TRESA Effects webinar will take an in-depth look at the specific changes coming to your Standard Forms.

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