May 10, 2023

OREA Statement on Ombudsman Report on Landlord and Tenant Board

The recent Ombudsman Report on Ontario's LTB highlights a history of severe problems, serving neither renters nor mom-and-pop landlords.

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“Ontario REALTORS® work hard every day to represent their fellow Ontarians and help them find a place to call home. Ontario’s recent Ombudsman report highlights a history of severe problems with the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB), creating an environment that does not serve renters nor mom-and-pop landlords, and allows discrimination, harassment, and unsafe circumstances to grow. Reforms to the LTB will enhance consumer protection and encourage more investment in quality rental housing.

Landlords and tenants should not have to wait eight months for a response to their applications to resolve disputes. We have heard how these lengthy delays can debilitate the lives of Ontarians. From forcing tenants to live in hazardous conditions while waiting for their time before the tribunal, to draining retirement funds of mom-and-pop landlords whose tenants refuse to pay rent, the current state of Ontario’s rental market is desperate for repair.

Tenants need to be treated fairly and have access to quality rentals properties that provide stability, security, and affordability. Ontario REALTORS® believe that landlords who don’t follow the rules should face quick action from the LTB. The Ombudsman’s report is especially concerning for BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ communities, who already face greater barriers when securing rental housing. OREA’s Fighting for Fair Housing report found that 60% of all consumers surveyed disagree that renting is free from discrimination.

Without significant changes made to the LTB and its operations, its legacy will continue to discourage investment in quality rental units and limit renter choice. Ontario’s rental housing providers have worked hard to invest back into their community. Many of Ontario’s mom-and-pop landlords use the income they receive from renting their property to support their own mortgage, supplement their retirement income, and maintain their rental property to provide an affordable and safe housing solution for tenants.

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing’s recent proposals to increase the number of adjudicators at the LTB and to double maximum fines for landlords who break the rules are welcomed steps. But more needs to be done to reduce red tape and cut down on procedural delays. The Ombudsman’s Report will be helpful in restoring fairness at the LTB, enhancing tenant choice and encouraging greater investment in quality rental accommodations.”

– Tim Hudak, CEO, Ontario Real Estate Association

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