June 8, 2021

The OREA college has closed - what that means for you

On Friday June 11, 2021, the final exams were held for all courses in the Salesperson Registration Education Program and the Broker Registration Education Program.

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On Friday June 11, 2021, the final exams were held for all courses in the Salesperson Registration Education Program and the Broker Registration Education Program.

All course delivery and examinations have now concluded.

From our formative days, back in 1967, we have been honoured to help shape the real estate career education for thousands of learners. In the six decades since, the college has been a national leader, garnering many awards over the years, among them the Education Excellence Award from the Association of Real Estate Licensing Law Officials and the Education Program of the Year award from the Real Estate Educators Association.

While we are proud of these achievements, our focus was always to provide each of our over tens of thousands of student with the quality, hands-on career training and education they needed to succeed.

Now the time has come for the college to bow out.

To all of our alumni, we wish you the best in your careers. The Ontario Real Estate Association will continue to serve all of its REALTOR® members through the production of Standard Forms, top-tier advocacy, award-winning leadership development and other services.


(I want to get started)

Interested in becoming a real estate salesperson or broker in Ontario?

Real estate can be a very dynamic and rewarding career. You can pursue education toward that goal with the current education provider, Humber College. For information about the entire process of becoming a salesperson or broker, we encourage you visit the The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) website.

I’ve finished 3 or 4 Courses

(but not the entire program)

If you started your education with OREA Real Estate College, but did not complete all of your pre-registration courses, there may be the opportunity for you to continue with Humber College, the current education provider.

As long as you successfully completed a minimum of courses in OREA’s program, you can apply for an Educational Equivalency Assessment with the provincial regulator, RECO.

To qualify for educational equivalency, you must have completed, at least :

  • Real Estate as a Professional Career
  • Land Structures and Real Estate Trading
  • The Real Estate Transaction—General and The Residential Real Estate Transaction

If you are interested in applying, read the full details on RECO’s website.

Note: As the education programs offered by the two institutions are structured differently, you will not be resuming exactly where you left off.


(Pre-registration courses completed)

For students who have completed all their courses in the pre-registration segment of OREA’s program, but have not met their articling requirement, they may complete equivalent requirements through Humber College.

This path allows eligible students to go directly through Humber College to complete their articling requirement.

  • Step 1: Create an account with the Real Estate Education Program at Humber
  • Step 2: Fill out the OREA Articling Transfer Application Form
  • Step 3: Course Enrollment

Note that more than one course could be required.

Read the full details on the The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) website.

Q: I need a copy of my course transcripts. How can I get them?

A: You can find and download a copy of your individual Course Transcripts from the my documents section of your My Portfolio account

Q: I need a copy of my Tax Receipts.

A: You can find and download a copy of your tax receipt from the my documents section of your My Portfolio account.

Q: I need official proof that I took courses with OREA Real Estate College.

A: You can print an official College Course Transcript History from your My Portfolio account. This document will list all the courses you have taken with the college. After logging in, you will see a button that says, “I want a copy of my course history”. Click that button to proceed.

Alternatively, you can select my course history from the left-hand menu, and then click on the printer icon.

Q: How can I obtain copies of the OREA course material?

A: Until August 31st, OREA will provide access to PDF versions of textbook material for any courses you have taken. These PDFs can be found in your My Portfolio account under legacy course materials.

DISCLAIMER: The textbook material is no longer current and is provided for general interest and archival purposes only.

Q: Now that I have finished my online-proctored virtual exams, is there anything I should do?

A: Since you won’t not be taking any further exams with the college, it is best practice to always remove any software you no longer need.

As you were invited to do at the conclusion of your online exam, you should:

Q: I don’t remember my OREA ID or My Portfolio password.

A: To retrieve your OREA ID or password, please go here and follow the instructions.

Alternatively, you can use the “Forgot Password” link found in the website login widget in the top-right of any page.

Q: I want to update my contact information.

A: You can easily check and update your contact information yourself within your My Portfolio account.

Once you are logged in, simply click on My Profile Info. From there you can edit the relevant information.

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