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November 15, 2013

The Ontario Real Estate Association Centre for Leadership Development recognized for course designed to raise the leadership bar in organized real estate

The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) Centre for Leadership Development has received a silver award from the Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD) for its work in developing Nimble Decision Making, a course designed to empower real estate volunteer leaders to make timely and decisive decisions in a fast-paced, evolving business. The team behind the course was honoured at CSTD’s Annual Canadian Awards for Training Excellence gala event held on November 14, 2013.

“It is our goal to develop high quality, experienced and trained leaders at OREA and at the 40 real estate associations in Ontario,” said Bill Shepherd (CAE, CRAE), Executive Director, OREA Centre for Leadership Development. “We are committed to helping staff and volunteer leaders develop the skills needed to fulfill leadership responsibilities effectively and credibly. To be recognized for our efforts is an honour.”

Nimble Decision Making, a three-part tutorial hosted by Juanita Gledhill, HR Consultant and Principal at MCC Group Inc., was designed to help board directors make progressive decisions in a timely fashion. The course emerged from a recognized need among real estate leaders for guidance on how to continue serving members while contributing to the future of organized real estate.

“Just as the course promised, we noticed a difference at our board table after participating in the tutorials,” said Jerry Hay, president-elect with the Barrie & District Association of REALTORS®. “As leaders of organized real estate, it is imperative for all board members to stay on top of emerging trends, be able to identify barriers at the board table, and most importantly to take action and effect change – quickly.”

Real estate volunteer leaders across the country have recently been studying how organized real estate will best serve consumers into the future. Leaders agreed that real estate associations need to lead change in order to continue resonating with consumers and members; that includes being nimble in their decision making.

“Success starts at the top,” said Shepherd. “Better volunteer leaders make better decisions and build better associations. Strong associations foster strong members who are responsible for servicing consumers, and for helping them with their real estate decisions. Members, therefore, need to be armed with the right tools and knowledge in order to do the best job possible, and that comes from the top.”

About the Ontario Real Estate Association Centre for Leadership Development
The OREA Centre for Leadership Development (OCLD) helps volunteers become leaders who make a difference. The courses offered by OCLD are designed to start with the recruiting of qualified and motivated leaders. The cycle then takes that new leader from their first introduction to organized real estate, through five phases from committee membership at a local association all the way to national leadership. The goal at each phase in the cycle is to provide the necessary background, skills and support to make them as effective as possible in their role.

About the Canadian Society for Training and Development
Established in 1946, CSTD is Canada's only national, professional association focused on training, learning and performance in the workplace. The goal of CSTD is to drive excellence in workplace learning and development, impacting business success. With 19 chapters supported by members from coast-to-coast, representing the public and private sectors, CSTD exists to:

  • Advance CSTD standards and competencies for workforce learning
  • Collaborate to extend the influence of workforce learning
  • Promote workforce learning as a career path
  • Lead the future of learning through the professional development of our members

About the Canadian Awards for Training Excellence
The Canadian Awards for Training Excellence honour innovative, Canadian developed learning products and programs. Validating that the learning product meets best practice learning principles, these awards also provide feedback outlining merit and areas for improvement. Open to all organizations with at least one CSTD member, the CSTD awards recognize programs in several categories and award the winners with prestige and

For more information contact:

Katarina Markovinovic-Praljak

Head of Communications & Media Relations

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