September 10th - 2010

“My REALTOR® had all the answers”

A new television commercial promoting the value of REALTORS® began airing across Canada at the end of August.

A new television commercial promoting the value of REALTORS® began airing across Canada at the end of August.

With less focus on humour and a more straightforward telling of the REALTOR® value message, the commercial’s theme is “My REALTOR® had all the answers.” The ad emphasizes the knowledge and expertise of the REALTOR®, who can give advice or suggestions about anything from good neighbourhoods for your kids to tips to avoid costly mistakes.

The new ad began airing the last week of August, and features a series of individuals with testimonials of their positive real estate buying or selling experience. The 30-second commercial has all of the individuals, real estate clients and customers, reading the same script, with one face transitioning into the next in a unique way.

The commercial, called Faces, is sponsored by CREA and OREA, and is shown across Canada, with supplementary distribution in Ontario. “My REALTOR® had all the answers” resonated well with consumers and REALTORS® alike in focus groups.>

“It focuses on the essence of who we are as REALTORS® – promoting and protecting our clients’ best interests,” said Dorothy Mason, 2010 OREA President.

The goal is for the new commercial to build on the success that the REALTOR® value campaign has had so far, and to keep a positive message out there about REALTORS® and organized real estate. The original campaign started in the fall of 2006.

We have a winning message
A successful ad that promoted residential REALTORS® and impressed upon consumers the importance of using a REALTOR® is also an award-winning advertisement.

The TV commercial called “Never-ending negotiations” which began airing in September 2009, picked up a bronze award in the single service category of the 2010 Marketing Awards, sponsored by Marketing Magazine.

The ad featured a key value that REALTORS® bring to the table – negotiating skills.

We see the same two couples, initially in their 20s, sitting across from one another at a table as they attempt to negotiate a private sale. The couples can’t seem to agree on a price, and as a result the process drags on to the point where we see the couples age to their 40s and then their 60s and in the final frame, probably in their 80s, as the husband in one of the couples is no longer conscious.

The voice over advises: “REALTORS® know things you might not…like how to close the deal.” The commercial drives consumers to the website

The 2010 Marketing Awards took place June 9, 2010, with all winners receiving a Marketing ‘M’ trophy.

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