October 11th - 2013

Campaign promotes REALTOR® value

An exciting new advertising campaign to promote the value of REALTORS® has been launched by the Ontario Real Estate Association.

We do the homework logo

We do the homework logoAn exciting new advertising campaign to promote the value of REALTORS® has been launched by the Ontario Real Estate Association.

“Our members have been telling us that they feel an advertising campaign is the best way to promote the value of REALTORS® to the public,” says Phil Dorner, president of the Ontario Real Estate Association. “This campaign delivers on that expectation and we believe it will have a huge impact. We’ve been working hard to ensure that the message goes all across the province, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.” (See the President’s Message in Inside Edge.)

The message at the heart of the new campaign is REALTORS® we do the homework™. Billboards, television commercials and social media are all helping to send that message to consumers around the province. The ad campaign complements OREA’s ongoing and highly successful media relations campaign. A dedicated website for consumers has been created at www.wedothehomework.ca.

The goals of the campaign are to enhance the public perception of REALTORS® and to demonstrate to REALTORS® the benefits and value of membership in the Ontario Real Estate Association. Before launching the campaign, the association reviewed existing research, conducted many stakeholder interviews with members and the public, identified key issues and opportunities, and created and tested several scenarios. The campaign is part of the association’s overall strategy, led by the OREA board of directors.

Ray Ferris, a member of the association’s board of directors and a real estate broker from Port Rowan, Ontario, is chair of OREA’s marketing and communication committee. He says that the campaign actively demonstrates to the public the value and professionalism that REALTORS® bring to the real estate transaction.

“To determine what our members wanted from us, we asked them,” he says. “At our strategic planning session, we decided that the goals of OREA should be aligned with the wants and needs of our members. That objective research has consistently told us that members overwhelmingly want us to promote REALTOR® value to the public, and they want us to do that through advertising.”

OREA encourages members to post and share the ads and messages with your clients, friends and neighbours. To view the commercials, visit www.wedothehomework.ca.

REALTORS® we do the homework™ billboard ad

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