May 5th - 2013

Research provides snapshot of REALTORS®

A new survey by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) offers a snapshot of the association’s members across the province.


A new survey by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) offers a snapshot of the association’s members across the province.

The research unit in the OREA marketing and communication department completed its annual survey to gain a better picture of the demographic and business profile of members. About 2,500 REALTORS® participated in the survey, which took place in 2012 with results compiled in the first quarter of this year.

“This research provides us with a fascinating glimpse of our membership,” says OREA president Phil Dorner. “It gives us a clearer picture of the people we serve so that we can continue to work hard to meet their needs.”

The association has enhanced its research capacity over the past year in order to guide decision-making processes, he adds. “Solid research provides us with evidence-based information which enables us to make better decisions and give our members what they need to succeed in business.”

2012 REALTOR Snapshot infographicThe survey revealed the following from the respondents surveyed:

Age: The greying of brokers and salespeople in the survey parallels that of the population in general as baby boomers shift into their senior years. Almost half (49 per cent) of those surveyed are aged 55 and older, while (37 per cent) are aged 40 to 54, and 14 per cent of those surveyed are younger than 40.

Education: More than three quarters (83 per cent) of the REALTORS® surveyed reported that they have completed some post-secondary education at a community college or university.

Sex: Fifty-six per cent of the respondents are male and 44 per cent are female.

Area: Some of those surveyed belonged to more than one real estate board or worked in more than one region of the province. Fifty per cent of respondents said they belonged to the central area, while 15 per cent were in the southern area, 14 per cent to the eastern area, 12 per cent to the western area, 10 per cent to the northeastern area and 3 per cent to the northern area. To view the different areas, visit OREA's home page, click on “Resources” in the blue left-hand box and then scroll down to “Ontario Real Estate Boards.”

Salesperson or Broker: Among those surveyed, 69 per cent are salespeople, 23 per cent are brokers and 7 per cent are brokers of record. (One per cent are executive officers.)

Volume: The average number of properties sold last year by those surveyed was 16, a number that could include commercial and/or residential properties of various types.

Classification: In terms of how those surveyed categorized themselves, 91 per cent handled all or mostly all residential real estate, while 5 per cent reported doing about half residential and half commercial, and the remaining 4 per cent reported handling all or mostly commercial.

Type: Those surveyed were asked what type of real estate that they practiced most in their business. Respondents were given a list and asked to check off the top three kinds of real estate transactions which they handled most in the past year. Most (95 per cent of those surveyed) worked on at least one residential resale; 57 per cent handled one or more condominium transactions; 24 per cent worked on new homes; 12 per cent dealt with commercial investments, and 12 per cent reported working on farm and land.

Owners: Most REALTORS® surveyed are home owners, with 88 per cent owning their primary place of residence.

Brokerages:  Two thirds of those surveyed (66 per cent) work as part of a franchise. 

Technology: Smartphones are popular among REALTORS® with 89 per cent reporting owning a smartphone while 45 per cent own a tablet.

To see a summary chart of the OREA member profile survey, titled “Who are Ontario REALTORS®”, visit the OREA blog.

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