January 28th - 2017

Nine things to do in real estate’s slow season

Don’t waste the quiet time. Use your days wisely this winter to prepare for the busy season.

Slow Season

Don’t waste the quiet time. Use your days wisely this winter to prepare for the busy season.

Slow SeasonWinter is often a quiet period in real estate. Don’t waste this time. There are many ways to spend these hours wisely that will help you in your real estate career and save you some hassles during the busier times of the year.

  • Develop your annual action plan. Set business goals; specify areas for improvement or attention to enhance your trading activities in the coming 12 months.

  • Review your entire client list and delete names no longer pertinent to your business for whatever reason.

  • Check new client information on the above list and verify or update all contact information, including email addresses and cell phone numbers.

  • Prepare several promotional and “mail-out” letters to have them ready to use for future busy periods.

  • Call, email and visit people in your sphere of influence. Connect with past clients, neighbours, friends and colleagues. You can discuss current market conditions but be open to listening to their concerns. Building these relationships solidifies your core business over the long term.

  • Order promotional items now so they are available well in advance of when you need them. Select next year’s calendars and holiday greeting cards and you may get supplier discounts for planning in advance and beating the rush.

  • Call up the people on your client list, not so much to get a sale as to learn what’s new with them. This is a good time to catch up and show you are interested in them and their families. Use this time to speak to them uninterrupted and focus on listening.

  • Volunteer for good causes in your community. Not only does it benefit a charity but it also gives you an opportunity to meet more people -- always a good thing in real estate.

  • Spend time with your own family and friends. Go out to dinner, attend a sporting, school or community event -- or even take a family holiday. Reconnecting with your loved ones is something you won’t regret when the busy season returns!

Sources: Members of the OREA Marketing & Communication Committee

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