November 12th - 2013

Wired Office: Sharing is caring with social media

Social media is many things. It is about conversations, storytelling and relationship building through the sharing of useful content. This column focuses on how to share content.

Social media is many things. It is about conversations, storytelling and relationship building through the sharing of useful content. This column focuses on how to share content.

Most content (articles, infographics, images, video, etc.) on the web is now accompanied by sharing icons for most of the social platforms. Sharing can be as simple as clicking on the icon of your preferred platform, adding some comments or giving your spin (you can voice your opinion about the content, or keep it as simple as “agree, disagree or agree to disagree?”) and posting. But there are other ways to share.

For instance, to easily share useful info that you may encounter anywhere on the web to your LinkedIn connections, you can use a LinkedIn Sharing bookmarklet. On LinkedIn, click Tools (from the selection of items at the bottom of the screen), and click on the Sharing Bookmarklet entry at the top of the screen. Drag  the icon to your browser tool bar, and you’ll be ready to share whenever you encounter quality content. Clicking on the “Share on LinkedIn” icon from your browser toolbar allows you to make a comment for added value or to invite discussion. Any contacts who have opted out of viewing updates shared by connections won’t see your shares.

To re-share content from your newsfeed, simply click the  button located below each item. Enter your comments or opinion to add value to the item. To share content from the web on Facebook, click on the accompanying  icon. If you see something on Facebook that you’d like to share but it doesn’t have the Facebook share icon, you can add a link to the item in your Facebook Update Status box. It will pull in the article’s title and any accompanying image.  After it does this, and before you click Post, you can remove the link name that you added since it already appears in the newly-pulled content. It looks tidier this way. If you’re wondering what the difference between “Like” and “Share” is, “Like” is giving approval for content, while “Share” is  passing it along to your community.

Sharing via Twitter takes on a slightly different look since it must be brief. You can link to images, videos and all sorts of content, but your message (including any links and hash tags) cannot exceed 140 characters.  Tweets can be sent directly from content by clicking on the  icon, or via Twitter.

To share content on Google+, click the  button located by the content you want to share. The +1 button is the equivalent of “like” on Facebook. If there is no button, you can from within Google+ use the share box. Text, photos, links, video and events are all legitimate content for sharing with your Google+ circles. And of course, you can select the circles with which you want to share your content.

YouTube offers several share options including: sharing on your choice of social platforms; embedding on your website; or emailing a link to a video you wish to share. Start by clicking on Share, located below the video.

Click on Share this video to post it to your preferred social media platform.

Click on the icon of the platform on which you want to share. If you are not logged into that platform, you will be prompted to do so. You can add a message prior to posting the link.

To integrate the video on your website or blog, select the Embed option.

Copy the code in the box and paste it into the html of your website or blog. The video will be pulled in to your site. Your visitors will not have to leave the site to view the video.

YouTube can send an email to one or multiple email address(es). Enter the email addresses in the To box, add a note, verify the Message preview and press the Send email button.

Be sure to share quality content. Happy sharing!

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