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What’s the big deal about real estate assignments? Join seminar

May 2016

What’s the big deal about real estate assignments? Join seminar

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Assignment agreements have been the focus of much media attention recently, with cases in B.C. making headline news. To learn more about real estate assignments in this province, you can take part in an upcoming web seminar (webinar) offered by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA).

This live webinar features guest participant Lou Radomsky, a lawyer and the legal counsel for OREA Standard Forms. It takes place on Tuesday, May 17 at 1:00 p.m. The title of this 30-minute webinar is “Assignment Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS): What’s the big deal?”

The topic is a timely one, says Cassandra Agnew Walker, OREA senior manager, standard forms. “This webinar will enable members to become more aware of, and prepared for, situations involving an Assignment Agreement of Purchase and Sale,” she says. “They may encounter an assignment situation over the course of their real estate career and this information will help them in handling that type of negotiation and ultimate assignment sale.”

The webinar aims to bring clarity to this topic and will cover “assignment agreements – It’s all in the Schedule ‘B’.” It will also answer common questions about the assignment agreement and process such as:

  • What should we do with the original agreement?
  • What is the price on the agreement, assignment and transfer or deed?
  • Is the original seller in the dark?
  • Can all Agreements of Purchase and Sale be assigned?
  • Are there special rules for new home agreements being assigned?

Participants will also have an opportunity to discuss and share their own experiences with assignments. This webinar is just one in a series related to standard forms that is being presented by OREA this year. It is free and available to OREA members. All you need is a computer with working speakers and internet access.

Like all of the webinars, the format for this topic will be interactive. You can submit questions, listen to speakers and watch slides related to the topic. Those who cannot participate in the seminar on the date offered can watch a recorded version at a later date and time convenient to them.

OREA members can register in advance in order to obtain a login link for the webinar. On the day of the webinar, members can log in up to 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Participation in this and other webinars will be on a first-come, first-served basis. For more details on all these resources, visit the Standard Forms section.

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