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Seven tips to show your professionalism

May 2017

Seven tips to show your professionalism

April 24, 2017

7 tips to show your professionalismThe following is the second installment in a series of tips on showing professionalism. Here are seven ways to demonstrate your professionalism to real estate colleagues.

  • Never bad-mouth another salesperson. Although real estate is a competitive business, you should always speak respectfully about other REALTORS®.
  • Always take the high road. If a seller you’ve been contacting decides to list with somebody else, respect that decision. A professional attitude on your part will generate more business in the future than sniping about the competition in the here and now.
  • Identify yourself right away when speaking to other salespeople about a property. Always make sure to tell them you are a real estate salesperson rather than a member of the public.
  • Direct all enquiries regarding terms, conditions, or price of a property to the listing salesperson. Do not discuss these points directly with the seller if you are not their sales representative.
  • Follow proper channels. Always request an appointment to show a property through the listing brokerage or salesperson. Don’t call the owner unless the listing firm has given prior permission.
  • Receive private calls through your cell phone or home phone to avoid tying up the office telephone or administrative staff.
  • When dropping off or picking up courtesy keys, be timely. If you are going to be late or must cancel, call the other representative(s) to let them know.
  • These tips are excerpted from A Mentoring Kit for New Salespeople, produced by the OREA Real Estate College.

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